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U.S. Visits

Representatives from the Office of Undergraduate Admissions visit over 120 cities in the spring and fall of each year. Most presentations are conducted as part of Exploring College Options. The Exploring College Options group includes Duke University, Georgetown University, Harvard College, Stanford University, and the University of Pennsylvania. 

We encourage you and your parents to attend one of these events. Please refer to the map below to learn program dates and details. To RSVP, click on the corresponding "Register" link. For events conducted outside of United States visit the International Visits webpage.

United States—Arizona

United States—California

United States—Florida

United States—Illinois

United States—Indiana

United States—Iowa

United States—Kansas

United States—Montana

United States—Nebraska

United States—New Mexico

United States—New York

United States—North Dakota

United States—Pennsylvania

United States—Puerto Rico

United States—South Dakota

United States—Texas

United States—Wyoming