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Georgetown University Application Change Form

Thank you for your interest in applying to Georgetown University. Please note that this form is only for:If you have any questions or requests in regards to your application or if you are unclear on how include your desired changes, please contact our office.
Address/Email/Phone Number Changes
  • If you are changing your mailing or permanent address, please do so on your Application Status page.
  • For First Year and Transfer Applicants - if you have not submitted the Application Supplement, you can make changes to your contact information directly in your Supplement.
Recommendation Letter Changes/Requests - Not Valid through this Form
  • Please make all appropriate changes in your recommendation portal.  
  • All recommendations MUST be sent directly from the recommender, and cannot be sent by the student. Recommendations submitted by the student will not be considered.
Essay Changes
  • We cannot make direct changes to your essay. If you would like to re-submit an essay, please use the “I would like to provide an application update” option below and include the essay as an attachment. If you re-submit an essay, it will not delete your old essay. All uploaded essays will be viewed. 
  • Please include the essay prompt so that we know which essay you are submitting.  
Test Scores
  • If you are sending updated test scores, please know that we require official reports from the College Board or ACT - we do not accept self-reported scores. 
  • If you are submitting new scores, you do not need to complete this request form. Instead, please request your scores be sent to us from the College Board or ACT.
  • You are welcome to use this form to report that you’ve taken more than the 6 tests that you listed on your supplement by selecting on the option "I would like to provide another application update."
Updated Grades
  • Feel free to self report grades but note that we will require official grades from school administrators for review.
  • For official grades, please have your school counselors submit your updated grades through the appropriate report form or via
Withdrawing or Reversing the Withdrawal of An Application
We do not recommend you withdraw if you are attempting to edit your application information, change your application deadline, or change the school in which you are applying to. However, if you wish to still withdraw or reverse the withdrawal of your application, please follow the link to the application withdraw form.

If you have any questions, please call our office during our normal business hours of Monday-Friday 9 AM-5 PM Eastern Time at (202) 687-3600 or email
If you have read the instructions above and would like to still make any changes to your application using the application change form, please proceed by clicking here. Note that you will be instructed to log-in with the same credentials used to log into your application/status portal.

If you are unable to locate your original login credentials and are unable to reset your password, then please email to reset your login credentials.